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Protecting Business Productivity with Agile Working

Avoid Threats Posed by Further Strikes with Flexible Working

After recent news of the threat of London tube strikes, there are fears that further rows could erupt, with the potential to cause maximum disruption and widespread chaos.

A strike planned for 14th October by London Underground workers in a dispute over austerity led cuts was abandoned after last-ditch talks. The breakthrough was made after ‘substantial progress’ was made by  the Rail, Maritime and Transport union in the ongoing issue of cuts and Tube ticket office closures

But does this mark the end of the dispute? According to some, it is unlikely that this is the end of the matter. Despite negotiations, the threat of disruptive industrial action still looms large.

The possibility of strike action strengthens the case for flexible working. With new technology, employees are more and more able to work remotely, including from their own homes. This, coupled with new statistics on the efficacy of flexible working further questions the relevancy of the traditional office in a digital age.

These recent events (and June’s changes to flexible working) show that it is high time for businesses to reassess, and view flexible working as a means of protecting their business from the chaos that would result from transport strikes, while simultaneously building an infrastructure which promotes growth.

Strikes aside, it was estimated by the CEBR that drivers in London spent more than 250 hours idling in traffic in 2013 and this was likely to increase to 299 hours by 2030, equivalent to 40 working days a year, suggesting that increased agile working would help to improve the productivity of workers affected by transport difficulties.

Homeworking/remote working refers to work done at home, or outwith the primary office environment. However, remote working may also refer to situations where only part of an employee’s workload is completed outside of the office. Therefore, it is reasonable to suggest that a degree of remote working could be introduced into the majority of employees’ schedules.

For businesses wishing to check up on the productivity of their workers, there are monitoring systems in place and this can reassure employers. There is also much to be said about the cost-effective nature of remote working. In a recent study by Deloitte it was found that 30 to 40 percent of physical working environment are vacant at any given moment on an average business day. Decrease reliance on offices and cut overhead costs unnecessary costs. There is even evidence that allow workers greater flexibility will boost productivity. Finally, increased flexible working could also be beneficial for the environment, in that cutting commuter traffic in busy cities would dramatically reduce carbon emissions.

While no-one can say for sure whether or not the threat of London Tube Strikes has subsided, now certainly seems like a good time for employees to take into account the diverse benefits that remote working can bring.


Easy Ways You Can Supercharge Your Productivity While Working From Home

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Anyone who works from home regularly will know that working from home has some definite advantages…. But when your home is your office there can be downsides to working remotely.

Homeworkers might get to spend all day in their pyjamas, while slashing valuable time usually spent commuting. However, those who work from home may also admit to feeling their energy and motivation flagging as the day goes on.

When you work from home it is easy to lose track of your progress. This can lead to feeling more disorganised and out of control than you would in a regular office environment.

However, when done right, home working can be more productive than working in a conventional communal office. Here are are top tips for getting it right!

1. Make sure your kitchen is well stocked the night before! 

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There’s nothing more distracting than having to make an impromptu trip to the shops while trying to get stuck into the day’s tasks! The night before, check to make sure that you have food for the next day, including snacks, biscuits and supplies for making tea and coffee. Sounds simple but this will save you a lot of time, and will give you more time to be productive!

2.Take some time to think after waking up

It’s oh so tempting when working from home to sleep in as late as possible, only rising to grab the laptop before snuggling back into your duvet to start work. However, you’ll find that you are far more productive when you give yourself time to think about the day ahead. Practice mindfulness and do some gentle stretching before commencing your work.

3. Write a threefold list of tasks and rank in order of importance.

This is the best method for us, and you may find it helpful too. Divide a piece of paper into three sections, one section for tasks that are urgent, one for tasks that are important, and a third for tasks that need to be done but that can wait another day. Then fill the columns with your tasks as appropriate.

4. Never have nothing to do!

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This is crucial. The moment you feel as though you aren’t busy, your motivation levels will drop, and instead of spending time being productive you will end up spending time trying to invent things to do. To counter this, create a list of tasks that always need doing, for example, filing, organising, or writing ‘evergreen content that you can use at any point.

5. Keep a log of everything you do 

By keeping a record of all the tasks you have accomplished, you are less likely to feel as though you are losing focus. Choose the hardest tasks first and tackle them early in the morning so your stress levels decrease in the afternoon.

6. Consider relocating to a ‘Coffice’ in the afternoon 

A change of location can do wonders for your productivity, and after a morning of hard work you deserve to treat yourself to a coffee and a cake! Use this time to catch up on admin, update your social media accounts and take stock of what you have achieved, and what you mean to achieve the next day

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