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Top Jobs for Work-Life Balance-Revealed

Do you crave a flexible role that works around you? Find out the top flexible jobs of 2014

Work-life balance is an ongoing  21st century battle for employees and freelancers alike. Those who work full-time hours run the risk of sacrificing home life, free time and family commitments.

Often, employers do not fully understand the benefits that instilling a culture of flexible balance can have for their organisation, meaning that all too many workers continue to struggle with effectively balancing home life and their career.

Enlightened employers across diverse sectors are beginning to fully realise the advantages of a flexible, agile workforce, although some sectors are moving faster than others in this respect.. And with work-life balance being a top priority of the millennial generation (who make up 50% of the current workforce, it is arguable as to long employers can afford to ignore the call for flexible work schedules.

Here is a list of the jobs which currently rank top in the work-life balance :

1. Web Developer/App Designer

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Web developers and app/game designers often enjoy a relaxed working environment which frequently includes a flexible working schedule.

2. Supply/Substitute Teacher

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Supply teachers are likely to work on an on-call basis, meaning maximum flexibility and choice in working hours.

3. Customer Service/ Help Desk Advisor

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Working on a flexible shift basis means that customer service/ help desk advisors have greater control over their working schedules than those who are confined to 9-5 hours.

4. Sales Representative/Salesperson

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Working in sales, you are likely to be measured on results and productivity vs. presenteeism. Where and when you work is not important as how you work.

5. Admin/Office Assistant

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Admin/ Office Assistant roles are ideal for those who wish to work on a flexible, part-time basis.

6. Investment Analyst

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Investment Analysts enjoy great benefits that working for top companies can bring, such as flexible benefits and freedom of choice in working schedules

7. Marketing/ Social Media Manager

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Marketing/ Social Media Managers have a high level of work-life balance due to having the flexibility to work remotely. Again, productivity and results are more important than presenteeism in this sector.

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Whatever Tomorrow’s Outcome, Flexibility is the Future!


It’s the eve of the referendum of Scottish independence, and in the run up to the event, Flexiworkforce CEO and founder Tracey Eker has been meeting with politicians from both sides of the  the campaign in order to discuss the ways in which flexible working will be of benefit to Scotland both within the UK or as an independent state.

First the Flexiworkforce team met John Mason, a Scottish Nationalist and member of the Scottish Parliament who sits on the Committee for Equal Opportunities. Secondly, we met with Liberal Democrat MP for East Dunbartonshire Jo Swinson, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Employment Relations.

“It was great to meet with representatives from both factions” Tracey Eker stated, “It enabled us to gain a balanced view of how flexible working would be advantageous to Scotland’s future, whether it may be within the Union, or as an independent country.”

From a political perspective, the benefits of flexible working are numerous, and include:

  • Flexible working may help to alleviate the ongoing skills shortage, in that in-demand professionals who have previously left the workforce may be brought back in on a part-time, flexible basis
  • Flexible working will improve diversity and equal opportunities within organisations ranging from SMEs to large corporates companies, by improving inclusion of groups such as women, the over 50s and those with disabilities or mental health issues.
  • The result of this will ultimately be a decrease in overall unemployment.
  • Increased flexible working may also help to decrease working poverty, in that increased transparency in job ads will enable individuals to access work appropriate to their skills level, therefore, freeing up minimum wage roles for other job seekers.
  • Increased flexible working may decrease unemployment unemployment ‘portfolio’ workers who work several roles simultaneously. This form of working is especially prevalent in the ‘Gen Y‘ demographic, in which unemployment is high.

Therefore, whatever the result of the Referendum, we hope that the trend towards flexible working continues, whether Scotland votes for independence, or  continues to be part of the Union, in order to bridge inequality, solve the skills shortage and make our society fairer.

Vote for Flexible working!

Is Your Work ‘School for Grown Ups’?

Productivity and choice vs. Arbitrary Rules and Regulations

Work is, essentially, school for grown ups. At least, that is the view of entrepreneur Emma Sexton, who swapped the 9-5 for running her own business.
In a recent Guardian article, she explains how her lack of faith in ‘unnecessary rules’ lead her to seek a more results oriented work life, in which productivity counts for more than doggedly sticking to conventional office hours and regulations:

‘It involves a number of other unnecessary rules, such as getting exactly 23.5 days holiday per year. What? How dare you tell me how much time off from work I can have. Do you own me?’

Frustrated by the system, Emma resorted to leaving her job in order to run her own business. While this may seem an extreme measure, Emma’s decision reflects a dilemma faced by countless individuals, disillusioned by arbitrary rules, and employers who do not allow them the freedom of working in more agile manner. ‘I am now in the second year of having my own business and working harder than ever. Yet the freedom to make up my own rules is incredible’, she states.

Sexton is, by no means, alone in her experiences. Flexiworkforce founder and CEO Tracey Eker is another example of an entrepreneur who left conventional work behind in favour of a more agile, results-oriented work life.

The issue is not one which can simply be ignored. With over a third of UK employees expressing a desire for a more agile routine, the need and desire for flexible working, involving freedom, choice and trust does not appear to be going away any time soon.

It is unfair to imply that employers are backward in their attitudes to work. A majority of UK companies offer flexible working for their staff on request. However, these forward-thinking employers must be more transparent and upfront, in order to be honest about the extent

Nevertheless, employers’ attitudes are changing rapidly, as more and more discover the true benefits that trusting relationships with agile employees bring to their business. From greater efficiency to better staff retention, trusting your employees to work like adults will only be beneficial to business!

How to Open Up Your Career and find Greater Fulfillment

Is it possible to turn your current job into the job of your dreams?

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Are you stressing yourself out over a job which is offering you little in way of way of personal fulfillment? Perhaps you have good reason to be looking for new opportunities, but maybe it’s the case that you’d rather focus your energies on improving the career you have!

It’s only natural to sometimes feel stuck in a dead end, and if you start to think about this a lot then you know it’s time to think about looking for a new role. However, it’s important to understand the difference between wanting a new job, and simply wanting a more fulfilling role which offers more scope for career fulfillment and personal development.

Only you can know how best to improve your career, but here are some points that you should consider when transforming  your current role into your dream role!

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What is good?

There are good and bad aspects of every job out there, regardless of how soul-destroying you believe your current role to be! Make a list of every good point of you current job, as this will enable you to see clearly the aspects of your job that you value and would like to maintain as your career progresses

What could be better?

If you are reading this article then there must be some aspects of your current role that you dislike. You have not failed, as a career is just one long learning curve, and being able to figure out  your career likes and dislikes is key to working out what you actually want to do. It’s more than okay to realise that your job is not all it cracked up to be- as long as you take positive steps forward to improve the situation!

Do you crave more flexibility?

Many people are envious of those who work from home, but perhaps you feel as though your career is genuinely too ridgid and stifling. You can now request flexible working thanks to recent legislative changes. Alternatively, you could use Flexiworkforce to search for flexible opportunities in your field which will allow you to cast off ‘presenteeism’ and gain opportunities with companies that are progressive and forward-thinking in their approach to working hours. Making the jump to freelancing may also be an effective solution to shaking up your current career and gaining more control over your work life.

What would happen if…

You told your employer that you wanted to change either your hours or the remit of your current position. Would your request be met with scorn or indifference, or would your employer be willing to accommodate your request in order to help you progress in your career?

Could you do more?

Maybe it’s the case that you’re simply not making the most of your current role. Explore the potential for training and professional development within your organisation. If you have an idea for a new project, bring it up with your boss and gauge their reaction to your proactive attitude. If they encourage you then you may find it easy to find greater fulfillment by expanding your current role. However, if your employer tells you that it’s not feasible, perhaps it’s time to look for new opportunities.

What would get you onto the right path?

It’s essential to identify what you need to do in order to change your attitude to work. Whether you want to find greater fulfillment by gaining new skills, or desire a more flexible working schedule, only after you’ve identified the issue can you begin to move on in search of what you really want.

Flexible Working- Predictions for 2014

A new year is upon us, and, as always, various predictions are being made about the ways in which employment patterns are set to change. One trend which many top employers cite as being extremely influential in the future of working is that of greater flexibility. This new flexibility will manifest itself in various forms, ranging from telecommuting to shorter contracts to part-time work and, of course, flexible hours!

Flexible Working is Set to Take Off in 2014!

Flexiworkforce is a specialist online job site dedicated to all forms of modern flexible working patterns. Flexiworkforce connects skilled and experienced individuals to their top flexible employment opportunities and employers to the quality talent they so urgently need. 

Flexible working is not just about part-time positions and mothers returning to work. There is a multitude of flexible working options that fit in with the needs of the Generation Y portfolio workers to the women returners and the older workers and everything in between, as everyone needs a form of flexibility at some point in their life. 
Flexible working is in growing demand and the benefits are just as good for business as for the individuals that work for them. 

Flexiworkforce will help business and people ‘Make work…work’.

Our site will go live shortly.  To register your interest in being part of our launch please contact us via:

Twitter- @flexiworkforce

LinkedIn- Tracey Eker, Founder & Director

Facebook- Flexiworkforce