Getting Hired as Flexible Worker

3 you need to know when hunting for a new role

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This week saw new legislation come into place which allows all workers to request flexible working after a period of 26 weeks of continuous employment. However, there have been serious doubts as to how aware UK employers are about the change. MP Jo Swinson has argued that progress will be slow in countering  the predominant culture of ‘presenteeism’ in the UK workplace which curbs the uptake of flexible working, and limits the prospects of those who are unable to work ‘9 to 5’. For sure, there are still more than a few dinosaur CEOs who shrink from the idea of an agile modern workforce!

We at Flexiworkforce aim to offer a solution to those skilled candidates whose request for flexible working may be turned down by their employer. A specialist job site, you can be sure that every job we advertise offers some form of flexibility to fit around your lifestyle and commitments.

Looking for a new role is exciting but can also feel stressful especially after suffering a knockback or two.  Here are our top tips for getting hired as a flexible worker.

  1.       Be upfront about your availability and needs

If you find a job through Flexiworkforce, you know before the interview that some form of flexibility will be involved in the role. This is a great advantage for people who need or want flexible roles that mainstream jobs sites do not make easily accessible. However, remember make sure that you are upfront about your availability at the interview. It is far easier to make your preferred schedule known sooner rather than later. Employers will appreciate your honest and most will be willing to fit the needs of the right candidate.

  1.       Showcase productivity

It goes without saying that trust is an essential ingredient in flexible working arrangements. When you’re working from home, presenteeism is removed, meaning that your employer can only measure your productivity through results. At the interview, aim to give examples of times when you have worked well in a remote working environment, and give  examples of the results that your your hard work yielded. Instantly, the employer will come to  view you as a driven, self-motivated candidate, more than capable of working unsupervised for periods of time.

  1.      Brush up on  ‘personal branding’

In 21st century recruitment, the job doesn’t go to the best candidate. More often than not the jobs will go to the  candidate with the best online presence. Make sure that your online presence is immaculate, remove unfavourable content from social media, while deleting accounts that you no longer use regularly. Give your LinkedIn profile some love and curate the experience and skills you have acquired over the years.

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