Entrepreneurs- Take Time to Recharge Your Batteries This Summer!

A new report has revealed that third of entrepreneurs are guilty of taking no time off over the summer!

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If you run your own business then more than likely, you’ll be familiar with entrepreneurial burnout- that feeling of exhaustion and overhwelm that seems to creep up after a busy period. Entrepreneurs are only human, meaning that even the most workaholic of CEOs sometimes need a break!

Shockingly, research provided by Sage reveals that last year up to a third of entrepreneurs took no time off for a break over the summer.

Work/life balance is something that more and more of us strive for, and yet, very very entrepreneurs consider themselves to be successful in balancing their business with family life and other commitments. Your business may be your life, but it shouldn’t take over your life!

There are many reasons why you should make time for holidays. Regular breaks from work will give your body and mind a well-deserved rest. A break will provide you with perspective, time to think and time to bond with your family. Going on holiday will allow your to return to your business feeling refreshed and more ready to take on challenging projects. A holiday may even give you time to come up with your next big idea!

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Before you go…

Make sure that you are able to delegate responsibilities before you leave for your holiday, to ensure that your staff have plenty to work on while you are away. Set targets and measure their productivity by what they achieve in your absence.

What about remote working??

At Flexiworkforce, we are fully aware of the benefits that remote working can bring to a business. Having the ability to communicate with anyone in the world at the touch of a button is nothing short of incredible. However, take care not to let your summer holiday turn into an extended business meeting! Check your emails a maximum of once per day, replying only to those that warrant your immediate attention. As for the rest, they can wait! Try to keep Skype meetings to a minimum .

Best Holidays for Entrepreneurs

A Spa Break

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What could be more revitalizing than some true R&R in a beautiful spa environment. This kind of holiday will be beneficial for mind and body, meaning that you will be sure to return to work in a calm and zen-like state! Try new treatments like mud wraps and botanical facials . Embark upon a detox programme and have soothing massages to melt away your entrepreneurial stresses!

The Great Outdoors

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Although the idea of leaving the metropolis might be scary to some city slickers, the countryside offers a unique sense tranquility that will no doubt be beneficial to your frazzled nerves. Life in the country forces us to slow down and enjoy operating at a slower pace. Make your holiday truly unforgettable by trying crazy new extreme sports mountain unicycling or perhaps even zorbing!

European Adventure

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If you’re more of a culture vulture, pack your bags and head to a quaint European city like Prague, or Tallinn. Experiencing new cultures is always great for inspiring new ideas, while allowing you to leave the daily grind of the office. If you like to always be busy, pack in a lot of galleries, exhibitions and museums, and by the time you return to work you will really feel as though you’ve some time away from your everyday life!

Happy Holidays, Entrepreneurs!


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