How Flexiblility Works For Older Workers

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UK’s population is aging and it is vital that companies are able to access valuable, talented older worker in order to ensure the growth and maintenance of the UK economy.

There has been some progress recently in creating a more equal workforce. More older people are finding – and staying – in work, according to the latest job figures. But it is still much tougher to get back into the employment market if you lose your job in middle age. Overall, inequalities in job opportunities persist.

However, ageism is remains rife in our society, with statistics suggesting the difficulties of looking for work as an older person. According to a recent Saga article, 400,000 over 50s currently registered as unemployed, with 43% of those being considered to be ‘long term’ unemployed.

How Flexiworkforce Can Help to Meet the Needs of Older Workers

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Firstly, Flexiworkforce offers a wide range of flexible opportunities, meaning that older workers who are excluded from conventional hours and full-time work are able to find fulfilling employment which fits around their needs and other commitments. Of course, many over 50s may be fully capable and willing to work conventional hours.  However, for those who require flexible employment, Flexiworkforce will provide these individuals with the high-quality opportunities that older workers need and deserve

Secondly, Flexiworkforce will introduce the over 50 generation to modern modes of employment. This includes temporary contracts and ‘interim’ work. Gone are the days of a ‘job for life’, we believe that these new ways of working  enable greater choice and autonomy, resulting in individuals being empowered to choose work which they find meaningful and rewarding.

Thirdly,  Flexiworkforce will enable older workers to strike a favourable balance between work and life commitments.  A large percentage of older workers require income to supplement their pension, and others choose to work later into their retirement years.

Finally, Flexiworkforce will contribute to the overall wellbeing of 50+ individuals by encouraging greater independence in old age. Challenging working opportunities provide the mental stimulation needed at any age, but especially by people in their later years.

Flexiworkforce is a specialist online job site dedicated to all forms of flexible work, due to launch shortly. For updates, follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Facebook.


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