How to Make Your Work Work For the Future!



Be Proactive

-A positive world view is essential to being proactive. There is no point in having a defeatist attitude when it comes to future-proofing your career. By simply reading this article you are taking a positive step forward to learning how to boot your future employability. Have the courage to continue the process, and you will reap the benefits of your decisions in the future. When it comes to employability, knowledge is power. Keep up-to-date with employment news in order to stay in the loop (and follow our blog!)

Build and Maintain Your Social Network

-Keep up an active presence on career-based social networking sites like LinkedIn and you’ll be in no shortage of potentially useful contacts when the time comes that you need to reach out. The stats certainly seem to support the primacy of LinkedIn- 90% of employers currently use LinkedIn to seek out talent!

Continue to Work on Your Skillset

-Continue to develop soft skills, but also hard skills. Employers will take for granted that you are a ‘team player’ and that you are able to ‘work well both individually and as part of a team’. According to the recent LinkedIn Adapt to Survive study, the most in demand employee skills include social media marketing, mobile development and cloud and distributed computing, evidently, skills which will be relevant in the future.

Think Global

-The world is smaller and you will benefit from cultivating a global mindset. Within the same study, it was revealed that 52% of employees would be willing to go to another country in order to gain valuable experience. Surely, this figure will continue to rise in the coming years, when globally-adaptable individuals will be increasingly highly-prized by employers.

Be Open to Working Remotely or Flexibility

-Here we go again! It is undeniable that work is shifting in favour of flexibility, and remote working. These changes have been made possible by leaping advances in technology. Flexible working has benefits for employers, and the benefits of flexible working for employers are numerous. Embrace these changes and impress potential employers by presenting yourself as a truly futurewise candidate!

Reference:LinkedIn Official Blog


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