Why Flexible Working Works For Men Too

While flexible working is generally accepted as being necessary for certain groups within society, for others, making the switch to flexibility can prove more challenging. Men, for example, may be less likely than others to work flexibly because of how they will be perceived by employers and colleagues. Some report that there remains a stigma attached to flexible working with  even those who would benefit from a more flexible routine often do nothing about it, for fear of being viewed as lazy and unmotivated

At Flexiworkforce we believe that these outdated ideas belong well and truly in the past. It’s the 21st century already!

Here are some reasons why flexible working applies to men too.

1. Because flexible working is pivotal to building a portfolio career

Increasingly, a number of men are carving out their career by working on a series of projects, sometimes simultaneously, rather than by subscribing to a traditional 9 to 5 routine. The benefits of portfolio working are numerous, and it has been said that this is a solid way to ‘recession-proof’ your career. The uptake of portfolio careers is only set to increase in the future, with the millennial generation being identified as a ‘generation of contractors’.



2. Because… Why should anyone work 9 to 5?

Think about it, we live in the age of computers and connectivity has never been so much much of a priority worldwide. All you really need is a smartphone and a laptop and you can work virtually anywhere. Well, anywhere you can get a Wi-Fi connection that is!

RemoteWorking (1)


3.Because men have family commitments too

It’s not the 1950s anymore, and men are just as likely to have child commitments as women. This means that a large proportion of men would benefit from more comprehensive working hours. Also, flexible contacts allow stay-at-home dads and house husbands the opportunity to boost their income and find personal fulfillment in a role which works around their existing commitments.



4. Because flexibility boosts productivity

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, various studies have shown a link between productivity and flexible working. For many, the 9 to 5 is stifling and commuting takes up valuable time and energy. Think time efficiency and the ability to work whenever inspiration strikes you! Don’t work hard, work smart, in order to get results.



5. Because flexibility is the future of business

Companies large and small are rapidly realizing this, and many already offer forms of flexible working. Flexible schedules benefit businesses in that telecommuting cuts overhead costs, and flexible workers are more likely to be motivated, with many reporting high satisfaction rates.



Therefore, there are many reasons why men can and should consider flexible working.

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