What do Generation Y Want?

Flexibility, responsibility and the opportunity to grow: here is the lowdown on what Gen Y wants.

Flexibility- The millennial generation were the first to have grown up with the internet, and so have an organic ability to adapt to different modes of technology. Young workers are realising that with the aid of just a laptop and a smartphone, they are able to work efficiently while connecting with clients all over the world. To the younger generation, being tied to an office is less appealing that the possibility of working from home, or anywhere else!



Responsibility- We’re all familiar with the damaging stereotypes which present ‘Generation Y’ as a lazy, irresponsible bunch.


However,  society’s prejudices mean that increasingly, Generation Y are keen to react against stereotypes by displaying their responsibility and willingness to take control. Just look at this list of some of the most successful young entrepreneurs and CEOS.



To feel that they are making a difference- Generation Y values charity work and the role of non-profit organisations in society. More than the baby-boomers, Generation Y enjoy seeing the direct impact of their charitable donations. This idea also applies to work. Given the chance, millennial workers will be keen to work hard, in order to see for themselves the positive effect of their work on the company they work for.

Opportunity to Grow- Perhaps more than previous generations, Generation Y are keen to boost their employability through personal development. This means that they are often more than willing to expand on their skillset, which will ultimately benefit your business.


Positive Affirmation- Generation Y are easy to motivate so long as you value and reaffirm the work that they do. This can work to a company’s advantage, as younger workers are less concerned with bonuses and monetary gain than they are with feeling valued and receiving adequate recognition within the workplace. Also, millennial workers are more likely to be loyal if they feel that they are appreciated.

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