Why Every Company Should Want To Hire Working Mums

multitasking Animated Gif on Giphy

                      Everyone knows that mums make the world go round…

–  Excellent time management skills.  

Getting the kids up, fed and dressed before school every morning can feel like something of a military operation at times. However, most mums we know have this down to a fine art. Working mums = punctual staff

-Bags of creativity.

Mums are used to helping with (or maybe just doing) craft projects for their kids’ homework or school projects. Give a mum some PVA glue and some old cereal boxes and she will make magic. Of course, this creativity can easily be applied to world of business, in order to find unique solutions and get consistently excellent results.

-Multi-Tasking Abilities to Rival the Skills of any Renaissance Man.

 It’s no secret that mums are the original masters of the portfolio career. They often find themselves working five jobs simultaneously, functioning as cooks, counsellors, nurses, chauffeurs and while at the same time fulfilling a multitude of other roles.

-Mums Make Good Team Leaders.

Anyone with kids will know how essential it is to work as an effective team leader within the family. Motivating teenagers to get out of bed and be productive is no mean feat, and the managerial tactics displayed by mums lend themselves well to directing teams in a working environment 

-Great Communication Skills.

Think about it, mums are used to patiently dealing with children deviating from their best behaviour in public. Put simply, mums are direct and effective communicators. Forthright yet tactful, mums also make great mediators.

 Company directors, never to underestimate the power of mums!


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