Jobseekers- Stop Assuming the Worst!

Seeking new employment can be tough, but keep these tips in mind to prevent negative thoughts from helping you take positive actions when it comes to your career.

 – Believe that you are a highly qualified individual Employers specify that they want qualified applicants, but that does not solely refer to applicants with relevant educational qualifications and certificates. In many ways, real-world experience counts for more than qualifications which look good on paper, but in reality do not match up to relevant knowledge and skills. And do not be put off if your experience is not 100% relevant to the job you are applying for. Look for the transferable skills that you have gained from your experiences. This will impress employers and make you far more attractive as a potential candidate.

Words of wisdom from the inspirational Beyonce

-Believe that your confidence will shine through anxiety We’ve all been there. You’re in an interview and something happens which throws you way off course. Perhaps you stumbled over your words, or completely blanked for an awkward 30 seconds while desperately thinking of what to say in response to a question. You are not alone, this really does happen to everyone at some point. The important thing is to not let it get to you. Pick yourself up, take a deep breath and carry on! Your interviewer may pick up on your nerves, but exude tenacity, confidence and positivity, and your skills and experience will shine through your nerves.


-Believe that the opportunity is out there One of the biggest myths around is that there are no jobs. If this is that case, then why are so many great employers in constant need of skilled individuals to work for them? All too often, jobseekers assume that they hold no power and underestimate the value of their skillset. Keep yourself up to date by regularly checking job descriptions and think about which of your skills apply to these jobs and what you could add to your CV, in order to learn how to market yourself more effectively to employers.


– Benefit from your love of learning So you finished uni years ago. So what? Life is one long learning curve, and the most attractive candidates to employers are the ones that love to learn, and are always willing to expand upon their existing skillset. The world is rapidly changing and it helps to stay on the ball with the latest trends in employment, politics, culture and technology. Foster a love of learning today and you will be thankful for it tomorrow

   And go live your dreams!


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