Employers- Tips for Making Flexible Work Work!

How to instill a culture of trust around a flexible workplace

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While big businesses are slowing leaning towards flexible hours, a large proportion of start-ups are ‘born agile’ and come into being as a result of work done according to flexible schedules.

However, the eternal dilemma for companies large and small is how they can make flexibility work for both the employers and the workers. It’s clear that the knowledge and skills required to instill flexibility still evade many employers, including those who would undoubtedly benefit from using their resources more efficiently.

The operative word here is TRUST. There must be a high degree of respect on both sides and it helps to be organised, diligent and in regular contact. Here are some tips on making flexible work work for you:

COMMUNICATE– Do you worry about how your employers are spending their time? You’re not alone. According to one study over half of employers who endorse flexible hours claim that they worry if employers are making the best use of their time. The solution to this is regular, honest communication. A quick email here and there will help to ease your fears, and your workers will appreciate regular guidance and direction.

USE THE TOOLS THAT ARE OUT THERE– Many companies now enjoy the benefit of specific reporting and monitoring tools to aid the management of flexible hours. With many programmes like this available to employers, there’s no excuse for not using technology in the quest for flexibility.

KEEP TABS ON SUCCESSES AND FAILURES– Don’t leave anything to chance. That is to say, be explicit in your guidelines, and ensure that everyone is on the same page when it comes to flexibility and productivity. In theory, however, as long as your workers produce consistent, quality results, flexible working is doing its job for your company.

 Simply striving for greater flexibility is enough to help nurture a culture of trust between you and your employees. Appreciate achievements and keep tabs where you think there could be improvements, and soon, flexibility will become second nature to you and your company!

Ref: Paul Migliorini


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