Don’t Be the Last Candidate Standing

But don’t settle for second best when it comes to your career!


Liz Ryan, CEO and founder of human workplace recently wrote a very informative article about the trials and tribulations of job hunting. When it comes to unemployment, how long is too long? When is the right time to bow out and accept defeat?

Anyone who has ever experienced a long period of job-hunting will know that the process is rarely anything but an emotional rollercoaster. From sleepless nights spent worrying about the future, to busy spurts of touching up CVs and frantic writing of cover letters…  Not to mention the agonising wait before hearing back from employers.  As David Bowie once said, ‘it ain’t easy’!

Perhaps the worst mistake you could make in this situation would be to sacrifice your own needs in the hunt for a job. So burnt out by your search for employment, you might find yourself tempted to take any job which would pay enough to allow you to make ends meet. However, choosing the wrong job is likely to be far more detrimental to your self image and your future career than a long period of unemployment that eventually leads to a positive outcome. In these situations it can be helpful to go by your gut feeling. This may sound glib, but can tell you a lot about how you actually feel. You might ask yourself, ‘is this really the job for me or am I simply afraid that I might not be offered anything better?’

Interviews are a good way of gauging what your new potential employer is actually like. Do they make you feel welcome? Do they make you feel valued? Do they make you feel like a worthy potential collaborator? If the answer to all or some of these questions is no, perhaps you would be better off finding an employer who appreciates and has faith in you, as an individual. As more and more businesses are experiencing a shortage of skilled workers, there is more power in your hands as a potential candidate.  For more on how you can interview your employer, click here!

The world of work is increasingly flexible and employers need skilled workers!

It’s the same with dating. Liz says, ‘We would never say to a woman we care about, “Get a guy — any guy! You have nothing. Guys have everything. If he’s willing to go out with you, you become the woman he wants you to be.”’ Well, shouldn’t the same be true of work! Employers need employees. Present yourself as the highly skilled, capable worker that you are, and you may be surprised with what you can achieve.

Therefore, Liz Ryan is right when she says ‘don’t be the last candidate standing’, but at the same time, don’t settle for second best!

ref: Liz Ryan


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