Why Should I Hire You?

How to get hired? Learn how to appeal to employers!

James Caan is a serial entrepreneur and investor in people with passion. In this short video he reveals some of the most important things employers consider when conducting an interview.

‘Sometimes, it is the simplest questions which candidates can struggle with. If I was to interview ten people and ask them the question: Why would I hire you? – I can guarantee that eight of the people won’t give the answer I am looking for. They will give a detailed list of their strengths, but it won’t answer the question I am posing’

How can you, as an employee, use this to your advantage?

Caan is clear in expressing that what is wanted is an interviewee who is able to sum up, in concrete terms, the ways in which their strengths will be of benefit. That is to say, rather than a vague list of positive qualities, the interviewer will be far more impressed by how your skillset relates to the real world of work, and how your abilities will boost the value to their company.

Ask yourself these questions:

-What are your strengths and, more importantly, how will they serve you well in the position you have applied for?

-How can you convince your interviewer that what you will bring to the company is worth the salary attached to the role in question?

-Do you have the ambition and drive to develop and grow within this company?

-How will you make a difference?

-Overall, why should the company hire you over everyone else who has applied for the role?

The job market remains competitive and it’s understandable that every employer wants more bang for their buck. Caan boils all this down to a simple formula: ‘Every single person in an organisation should be able to quantify exactly how they add value’.

Only you have the power to change the way employers see you. Learn to market yourself directly to each individual company. Swat up on facts to impress your interviewer. Make you that you can quantify in specific terms the ways in which you will be an asset to their company.

Times are tough, so ask yourself, why should you get hired?

Ref: James Caan

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