Flexible Working- Predictions for 2014

A new year is upon us, and, as always, various predictions are being made about the ways in which employment patterns are set to change. One trend which many top employers cite as being extremely influential in the future of working is that of greater flexibility. This new flexibility will manifest itself in various forms, ranging from telecommuting to shorter contracts to part-time work and, of course, flexible hours!

Flexible Working is Set to Take Off in 2014!

Flexiworkforce is a specialist online job site dedicated to all forms of modern flexible working patterns. Flexiworkforce connects skilled and experienced individuals to their top flexible employment opportunities and employers to the quality talent they so urgently need. 

Flexible working is not just about part-time positions and mothers returning to work. There is a multitude of flexible working options that fit in with the needs of the Generation Y portfolio workers to the women returners and the older workers and everything in between, as everyone needs a form of flexibility at some point in their life. 
Flexible working is in growing demand and the benefits are just as good for business as for the individuals that work for them. 

Flexiworkforce will help business and people ‘Make work…work’.

Our site will go live shortly.  To register your interest in being part of our launch please contact us via:

Twitter- @flexiworkforce

LinkedIn- Tracey Eker, Founder & Director

Facebook- Flexiworkforce


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