The Perils of the Office Christmas Party. What to do and what NOT To Do

We are now well and truly into the festive season, and many of us still have the office Christmas party to look forward to. However, for some the Christmas period is a time of intense social anxiety. And when the free booze is flowing, it is more than likely that some will go overboard! Here are a few top tips to prevent your ‘Christmas do’ from turning into a Christmas don’t!

DO eat a good meal in the afternoon. We all know the types of foods we should be stuffing up on before a night of partying: milk is good for ‘lining the stomach’, but starchy foods like pizza, pasta and potatoes may help to prevent a hangover. So remember to treat yourself to a carbohydrate feast before the big night!

DO buy a decent present for your Secret Santa recipient… If you don’t make an effort you’ll just be feeling awkward when that underwhelming bottle of talc you found at the back of the bathroom cupboard is emphatically rejected…

DON’T  wear something too uncomfortable. You may look a million dollars in your killer heels, but after a few hours of wearing them you’ll be in agony. Ankle boots with a low heel are a stylish alternative that won’t make you feel like your feet are about to fall off. Also, don’t wear anything too tight- you want to have lots of room for nibbles and mince pies!

 DO the rounds and try to speak to everyone. The Christmas party is a great time for networking as everyone will be (hopefully) full of cheer and high spirits. Plus, you’ll have more fun if you can speak to people that you don’t normally see on a daily basis. DON’T overdo the Prosecco and end up the office laughing stock. Whenever you finish an alcoholic drink, balance it out by drinking a pint of water. Simple, but it does work!

And finally, DON’T do this: 

David Brent Dance


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