Get Building, Girls!

Have you ever heard of GoldieBlox? This new toy company’s aims to inspire girls to become ‘future engineers’. We may live in the 21st century, but women are still hugely underrepresented in jobs relating to engineering. It seems that even now, boys are encouraged from a young age to do well in maths, science and technical subjects while girls are pushed more towards languages and social sciences. This is not surprising when you consider the vast range of toys on the market aimed to encourage boys to build.

GoldieBlox represents a challenge to traditional notions of gender, and aims to encourage girls to have fun while using the technical side of their brains. According to its creators, Goldie Blox is a construction toy designed from a female perspective. While women hold only 11% of all engineering jobs worldwide, it definitely seems right that steps are being taken to address this discrepancy.

Check out GoldieBlox’s website here:


2 thoughts on “Get Building, Girls!

  1. InternSherry

    I’m excited about GoldieBlox. While toys alone will not encourage girls to enter STEM fields, I cannot help but think of how my life could have been different if this was the type of toys I was given. Companies like this, however, encourage discussion which is what’s necessary to spur social change.

    1. flexiworkforce Post author

      I agree Sherry, I am very much from an arts and humanities background and have been veered towards this from a young age. So naturally, I wonder if things would be different if I was encouraged to be more technical as a child.It would be great if GoldieBlox encouraged just one young girl to consider entering STEM fields, but only time will tell whether or not we can succeed in changing these old ideas of gender.


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