6 Things Successful Women Do Differently…







They ask the right questions

Asking the wrong one is like using the wrong key in your front door.  Successful women learn to ask the questions that open up discussion, ease communication and get the right answer.

They focus on continuous learning

By investing in their own development, the highest-performing women are well prepared for that next rung up the corporate ladder.

They’ve mastered the “little voice”

The “little voice” inside our head is sometimes onside, but often the saboteur. Successful women have learnt to master it, and focus on their strengths and accept their limitations. It is okay to say NO!

They’ve learnt that courage comes first

Successful women know to fake self-confidence till they make it. They summon the courage to step up beyond their comfort zone. courage brings action and action brings confidence. I know that when I was younger, so many people thought that I was super confident because I was loud or they thought I was arrogant because I didn’t speak to them-little did they know. To this day I am still building on my confidence (and am still loud!), but due to stepping out of my comfort zone so often and from the success I have had from doing this, I have increased my internal va va boom!

They value their contribution

If you don’t value your contribution, why would anyone else?  Valuing yourself will help others to. What follows is the right respect, the right opportunities and the right rewards.

They take imperfect action

Women suffer from perfectionism, aiming for 100% at all times in everything and putting enormous pressure on themselves.  Waiting for that perfect moment slows progress. Being successful is about taking imperfect action.

(ref: Jacqueline Frost, womeninbusinesssuperseries.com)


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