This little mouse tries to punch above his weight by repeatedly attempting to get the large cracker up onto a platform. He fails repeatedly, but if you watch the mouse he thinks, reflects, changes his strategies, and then returns to his challenge undaunted.

The easy thing would be for the mouse to abandon the cracker. The mouse could just said “the heck with it” and eaten that entire massive cream cracker right in front of the video camera. That’s not what our mouse does, that’s not who OUR mouse is. Our mouse is better than that!

With sheer determination, our mouse succeeds.

I faced a problem like this yesterday and entrepreneurs around the world face problems they can’t solve every day. We have challenges that are often bigger than us, which similarly seem beyond our reach. When these issues arise, you should think of this mouse. If it helps, you should get yourself in front of a mirror and ask yourself, with great seriousness, “What would that mouse do?”, “What would that mouse want me to do?”.
I looked at my problem yesterday and nearly crumbled permanently in front of it. After I wiped the tears away (yes entrepreneurs cry!), I found help from others around me who have faced similar problems and had answers for me. I channelled the mouse and now I know how to get the answers.

Ask those questions and you’ll have all the guidance you need.

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