We’re mature, we’re old but we’re not written off!


In the UK there are 32,000 people who are in their 80s and are still hard at work, a figure that has increased by more than half in the past 10 years.  Just over one million people are still working past the age of 65, and 324,000 of those are 70 and over.

Not everyone wants to fill their twilight years with Bingo and bowls.

Extending the working life of staff helps to fill skill shortages and knowledge drain. The Chartered Institute for Personnel and Development estimates that there will be nearly two vacancies created for each school or college leaver over the next 10 years. No one sector will be able to fill this deficit.  Allowing the Baby Boomer generation to phase out their retirement through flexible working options is imperative to help keep this widening skills gap under control and the country’s pension system in balance. If everyone worked for an extra year, it would add 1% to national income, according to government estimates.

Flexible working practices are imperative for this generation, just as they are for the women returning to work after raising their families. Flexiworkforce.com is being developed as the destination site for both these groups as well as Gen Y portfolio careerists and the senior executives who can do their jobs ‘Standing on their Heads’.

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