The Career Ladder Has Lost its Rungs


The traditional one-company career ladder—that steady tick-tock of promotions leading to retirement with a pension and gold watch—has lost most of its rungs. Generation Y is carving their own path to help strengthen their overall economic security by becoming a “Portfolio careerist”. These individuals bring in money from multiple sources—not just one full-time job. Their Incomes are linked to part-time jobs, contract and freelance work, and/or a personal business. Even if they do have a full-time occupation, portfolio careerists actively pursue outside interests designed to not only make money, but also satisfy their creative and enterprising sides.

Starting and running a small business is not uncommon for these typical portfolio careerists. These people have the ‘entrepreneurial spirit’ at their heart and crave variety. They like the idea of having four or five different income streams as a way to safeguard their overall prosperity. Running your own business can easily be part of a larger career portfolio.

Are these people inspiring or just scared of a good hard days work and so they wrap it up in a pretty title? I think they are forward thinking and don’t like the idea of settling.  They are not afraid of taking risks in an effort to see what else is out their.  These people could teach more of us about how to achieve a good work/life balance to test out all of our skill sets and to follow multiple passions for personal growth and fulfillment.


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