Career Women, Then and Now

In the 1970’s career women struggled to maintain their image in the workplace as they were being discriminated against – as The Pregnancy Discrimination Act wasn’t passed until 1978. While women entered the workforce in droves during this time, they were in no way treated equally to men in pay, the positions they held or their ability to climb the corporate ladder.


In the 1990’s through the 2000’s we saw a huge change to this as the amount of career women in the workplace had increased rapidly. An example of this would be that in 2009, 43% of women were lawyers which is a huge amount in comparison to the 4% of women lawyers in the 1970’s. Women being more established within the workplace have given them the chance to take extended career breaks.

The problem we now face is helping women return to work at a steady place to help make them feel comfortable, not overwhelmed. We aim to help women returners with the use of flexible working.


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